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The mission of Maison Breedewee, located in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, is to design, finance, support and manage companies and entrepreneurs at every stage of their development.

Because our vision of success is global and goes beyond our economic results, we are committed to the social and societal performance of our activities on a daily basis.

Our ambition is to create long-term value for our customers, our employees, our partners and for society in general.

Our solutions

Our entities are structured around 3 strategic poles: Financial, Digital, Events

Maison Breedewee's philosophy

Strive to evolve constantly.

Knowing that each client is different, we are concerned to get to know you as an individual, a company, an investor, in order to create a strategy and a sustainable support.

This understanding has led us to 5 main principles:

Create value by anticipating the future needs of our clients

Putting in place state-of-the-art tools

Thinking about taking action at the national and global level

Be flexible and dynamic

The pride and enthusiasm of each employee is the driving force behind our company

Our values






Good mood

Our history


Establishment in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Our historical core business was based on the legal optimisation of company directors exercising their professional activities in an international context.


Creation Abroad Consulting SA specialized in economic consulting.


Creation Abroad Fiduciaire Sàrl, an accounting firm commonly known as Fiduciaire in Luxembourg. The mastery of our clients' information systems has allowed us to better understand them and follow their evolution in real time. This precise knowledge has enabled us to adapt the structure of our clients while developing mutual trust.


Creation of Abroad Canada Qinc, a subsidiary based in Montreal.


Creation IFD SA in Luxembourg, specialized in the search for project financing and support for entrepreneurs.


Creation and establishment of Maison Breedewee, as a true innovative entrepreneurial space with the objective of developing business synergies through our network.
Creation of several innovative start-ups in the favourable ecosystem of Luxembourg.


Creation of Breedewee Fiduciaire Sàrl, an accounting firm for local clients.
Creation of Breedewee Space, development of an event space within the Maison Breedewee.
Creation of Breedewee Opportunities SA, securitization companies to structure the need for funds of project holders with investors looking for targets to finance.


Creation Breedewee Web Agency SCA, communication and marketing agency specialized in digital consulting and support as well as web and mobile production.
Creation of an insurance brokerage activity.





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